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Internet marketing is present from the time since other media have been used more frequently. However, internet marketing is primarily focused in the direction of web where almost all businesses promote and publicize their brands through Internet Marketing. The main reason behind this is Globalization and today everyone makes use of internet and it is highly important for firms to promote their business online as they can cater to a larger audience. Internet marketing refers to promoting brands by using various forms such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC etc.

Search Engine Optimization

The first thing that clicks in your mind is, when you visit a website is the keywords. The essence of the high ranking in the results page is evident. The solution to have a higher rank in search engines is known as “Search Engine Optimization” and is a part of the internet marketing process. If you want to grow your business and rankings online, SEO is a must! SitayanSoft has a methodological approach to search engine optimization that helps clients in improving traffic to your website. Further, SEO also includes detailed reports on website performance, submission to search engines, remodelling website structure and content and other strategies that are designed to improve rankings on search engines.

Internet Marketing

Advantages of search engine optimization services we offer: SitayanSoft offers quality SEO services to our clients that are highly placed in renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN and others. SEO includes various areas such as:

SEO friendly webpage design

  • High PR submissions to search engines and directories.
  • Relevant link building to other sites.
  • Search engine friendly web site content
  • Meaningful Meta tags and HTML

Website Analysis Report The Website Analysis Report is a best way to review what can be done to improve your site and making it more search engine friendly to improve the rankings. The report includes:

  • Analysis of meta tags and content.
  • Analysis of keyword competitiveness and effectiveness.
  • HTML code errors
  • Link popularity
  • Page ranking on search engines
  • Loading time

Social Media Marketing/Optimization

The impact and use of social networking websites, has tremendously increased. Users are roaming around to such sites as they can actually share, tweet, post or simply just looking at different profiles. SMO is an effective and a true means of online presence and identity. SMO is a highly potential media marketing strategy with worldwide reach which has become an interesting concept for individuals, agencies and businesses looking for swift standing across quality client group. Our SMO services will enable your business attaining brand awareness on global front and getting genuine clients. The moto is to creating the brand awareness of your business in a very rapid manner via the power of the networking you have framed on these social media. Because of the effective tools and features present on these platforms such as blogs, videos, it is very easy to create a web identity linkable and visible in social media searches.

Internet Marketing

Advantages of SitayanSoft’s Social Media Marketing/Optimization are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach to genuine customers
  • Rising traffic in quick time
  • Easy sales tracking
  • Get more page views and hence quick visibility on search engines

We provide pioneer pay per click services to increase the website traffic and multiply profits. The basic feature of pay per click is that it helps in enhancing the quality thus, traffic eventually increases or diverts at the client's website.

Our SitayanSoft Marketers with an extensive experience offers customized solutions to the clients.

We analyze client's vision and future business goals and provide the most appropriate solution to create a reputable brand image. Our specialization lies in offering complete keyword analysis combined with managed keywords and daily report for your PPC campaigns.