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SitayanSoft has a pool of skilled and expert software testing professionals who have worked on advanced testing tools and methodologies for wide range of testing solutions in different situations. This includes new application/ product testing, supports and integration.

SitayanSoft QA and software testing team have experience on wide range of applications, products, both as part of the development team and as an external consultants. Expertise covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression testing, bug maintenance, debug management and certification. Automated test scripts are developed where appropriate.

We have worked for various verticals like, real estate, banking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Software/ Products, Mobile Application etc.

We have vast experience and expertise in the following types of testing services and offer 100% test guarantee.

Software Testing

Performance Testing: It is the essence of the early testing of the product in the product development life cycle, in order to address performance related requirements and also for functional enhancements. We have vast experience in performance testing tools from vendors like Mercury, Rational Performance Studio, Cyrano, Segue, Web Load, Silk Load, etc.

Focusing on analysis, monitoring, tracking bottleneck and proving recommendations, we reduce the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced applications.

Functionality Testing: The most commonly used testing practise in SDLC is Functional testing. We provide end-to-end functional testing services for product companies and Independent software vendors (ISVs) including Module, Integration and System Testing.

User Acceptance Testing: Usability testing is performed to the perspective of the client, to evaluate how the GUI is user-friendly? How easily can the client learn? After learning how to use, how proficiently can the client perform? How pleasing is it to use its design? This falls under the class of black box testing.

Our variety of industrial knowledge has led us to work with our clients, right from the Requirement Definition stage and to implementation and manage the user acceptance testing process.

Some of the areas within user acceptance testing that we can provide specialist testing expertise are: Accessibility, Usability, Localization, Performance, Security, Regression, and Automation.

Compatibility Testing: The right combination of software, hardware, technology, and environment is essential for proper functioning of your system. Our compatibility testing uncovers the issues with hardware, operating system, browser and other software or hardware components. A typical compatibility testing includes: hardware configuration, operation system compatibility, peripheral devices compatibility, third party software compatibility etc.

White Box Testing: To ensure a clean code, enhancing code quality, preventing untested code from reaching end users is done with the help of White-Box testing. It helps in reducing the overall development time. We include Code coverage, Path coverage and Code review in our White Box testing techniques.

GUI Testing: Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing is the process of testing the system’s GUI of the System Under Test. GUI testing involves checking the screens with the controls like menus, buttons, icons, and all types of bars – tool bar, menu bar, dialog boxes and windows etc.